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This summer, we’re bringing some of our favorite bands together to celebrate a year of L.E.A.D. DIY.
Be there.

Strobeless: A festival to benefit L.E.A.D. DIY
July 13, 2019
Crestwood Lake
Allendale, NJ

Lineup: Future Teens, Halogens, ManDancing, Toy Cars, Fire is Motion, A Boy Named John, Green Knuckle Material, Equipment, Lilith, Tiny Blue Ghost, Raavi & the Houseplants, American Spirits, The After Hours Band, Junkanoo, Royal Wedding, Grampfather

Poster by Aubree Roe


Joyce Manor COver COmpilation: “Million Dollars to COver ME”

U.K. zine “The Platypus” coordinated a cover compilation of Joyce Manor songs. Fourteen artists came together to give their own takes on the band’s classics. All proceeds benefit L.E.A.D. DIY, take a listen!

Featuring: We Could Have Been DJ’s, Zebulon, Mission Completion, Ferret Bueller, Sapwood, Fake It, Foxwood, We Will Get There Eventually, Louise and Clark, Step Brother, Winnebago Vacation ft. Foxy Dads, Mumble, Strawberry Generation, Knee Breaker


Modern baseball cover compilation: “Cover Therapy”

The Platypus presents: Cover Therapy, a Modern Baseball cover compilation that received support from former members of the band.

Featuring: Origami Angel, Niiice, saltlick, Red Foreman and the Acid Flashback at Nightmare Beach, Shag Lab, Scratchy Blanket, Superdestroyer, Hannah Feldman, Brody Thomas, Vermont, eh., summerbruise, Fox Hollow, Brody Thomas, Next Door Neighbour, Light Blue Lines, Highwayyys, Scars of Juliet, American Goner, The Trust Fund Kids, Whitelands


the Front bottoms cover compilation: “covers can’t be friends”

The Platypus presents: Covers Can’t Be Friends, a Front Bottoms cover compilation, featuring covers by ten different artists.

Featuring: American Goner, Blueprints & Elements, Daddy & The Long Legs, Day Gold, Hannah Feldman, HappyHappy, Instant Oatmeal, Jetpack Dracula, Oui’d, Vandalia



Drop in and grab a t-shirt to benefit L.E.A.D. DIY and also feed your nostalgia craving of having a shirt with a Gameboy-esque illustration on it! More fun stuff coming soon.

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