In June 2018, Ellie Hart (who has epilepsy) got really pissed that she couldn’t see The Incredibles 2 because of the strobe lights. Figuring she couldn’t do much about trying to get Disney to regulate their movies, she figured she could at least do something in DIY through the influence of her recent project, MELTT Magazine.

And so L.E.A.D. DIY (which stands for Lighting and Epilepsy Awareness Development in DIY) was started to encourage DIY bands, artists, and venues to hang signs depending on how much lighting was being used at the gig. This eventually morphed into developing a system to distribute laminated copies of the caution signs to whoever wanted them across the country.

L.E.A.D. DIY is currently primarily run out of Ellie’s parents’ dining room in northern New Jersey, much to their dismay.

You can find all L.E.A.D. DIY information at @LEADDIY on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.