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Our Goals

Our goal is for L.E.A.D. DIY to be a resource for people who have epilepsy & other sensory sensitivities, people who are attending shows, and artists & staff involved with the shows’ production.


To make people with sensory sensitivity feel safe at shows.

The signs provided by L.E.A.D. DIY are designed to alert people with light sensitivity if they are in a situation potentially dangerous or uncomfortable. For example, seeing a red “warning” sign would indicate to the person that high-frequency strobes, rapidly flashing lights, or lasers will be used in the show— this will give the person time to remove themselves from the situation.

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to make lighting awareness signs a standard across the music industry.

Every day, more and more artists begin to use lighting awareness signs if their shows include potentially dangerous affects, which is great! However, the signage varies from show to show. Even if it’s not our signs, we aim to help develop a standard, industry-wide sign for use from basements to arenas and anywhere in between!

On the flier for the first segment of their upcoming tour, Absinthe Father included information about epilepsy on the bottom of their poster, as well as contact information to inquire about other accommodations that may need to be made. for more info on the tour please email or visit @absinthefather on Twitter.


to educate people about epilepsy.

Part of the reason we provide the green “Low Risk” signs is to make people aware that flashing lights at shows are a constant worry for a significant amount of people. By hanging a sign that indicates a lack of intense light, not only do you ease the mind of someone affected by it, but also spark curiosity about the signs to people who have no idea what they are.